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I am not, although I would like to get on stage again. I keep busy with our
business, in the studio, with my other writing(s) ... not to mention helping my wonderful wife take care of our son. Am I looking for work? You bet. If you are in a band and are anywhere near the Sacramento, California area please take a listen to some of my music and see if we are a match and then drop me a note (we use this form only to help reduce SPAM). Type of music: Gospel? Uh, probably not. Something Christ-centered? Yeah, maybe! Christian rock? Possibly, let's talk! Other? Ok, let's see what you had in mind! I am really hot on "oldies" rock right now: Guess Who, 3 Dog Night, etc. It will pass, I am sure.

Vivendi-Universal sold the assets of in 2003 and CNET ended up with the domain name. At the time of this writing it is not clear yet if they know what to do with it, but if you visit the site you will see that they have plans for both signed and unsigned bands. The interruption of service to hundreds of thousands of independent musicians is almost unbelievable, and I did not escape without problems. We had launched an Internet-Only-Release (IOR) site using streams hosted by This is no longer available. We had released a CD through the Direct Access CD program. This is no longer available. We are sorry for any inconvenience, and are working to restore comparable (or better!) services on this site. Our newest
SIX SONG SAMPLER replaces the Direct Access CD we had released through, and we will continue to develop new content for our site(s).

This is a pet project of mine that I have been working on for more than 10 years. You'd think in that amount of time the bloody thing would be done, but please keep in mind that originally I had intended to convert every line of text from the play into a musical phrase. And there are 3600 lines of text in the play! My current thinking is that this project may outlive me, so I have scaled back slightly and am now working to create a "musical soundtrack" of themes and motifs representative of characters and scenes from the play. This may come as a two volume work, or I may consider it complete if I ever finish the first CD. It is in process and I am writing on this on an ongoing basis. Some early tracks are available from my
web site and from the Six Song Sampler CD. Stay tuned for more!

This is such a sad situation. It is hard to find a positive lesson in this. For those who may not know, the Inner Light Foundation (ILF) is a nonprofit, non-denominational spiritual organization which was founded by Betty Bethards in 1966 and which I have been involved with in some capacity for eight or nine years. When Betty died in 2002 her husband, Charles Rubin, began managing the organization. He asked if I would join the Board of Directors where I served as Vice President. Charles is a wonderful person on many levels but, like all of us, there are some dark spots in his personality and, compounded by his grief over the loss of Betty and the strain in running a nonprofit, a dark spot rose to the surface in the summer of 2003 when he made an unfounded claim regarding our business relationship with him, the ILF and his publishing company.

Caught in a difficult situation I felt I needed to resign from the ILF Board. I exchanged emails with Betty's daughter and spoke and wrote to friends of the ILF and ultimately decided to let go. Our company, Montanesque Enterprises, discontinued providing order processing and fulfillment for Betty's books and tapes and we also discontinued our management of their web site. I have been deeply saddened by both what Charles said and how we felt we needed to respond - it is not unlike the death of a loved one.

I had started a series of articles for the Foundation web site called "Walking In The Light" and am planning to incorporate those as part of the redress of my music site (
click here). I feel there I have more to say and plan to continue to write.

My beliefs about God had been buried for a good deal of my life and it is a most thrilling experience to be able to make this sort of personal discovery and to talk about it openly. To borrow an expression, I have "come out" for Christ and am calling all other closet Christians to make a commitment to vocalize and evangelize their faith.

RCIA is the Rite of Christian Initiation in Adults, and is a way for Christian adults of other faiths to become members of the Catholic Church. In the Fall of 2003 I made the Rite of Acceptance and publicly professed my intent to follow Jesus and to become a member of the Church. This will culminate at Easter 2005 when I participate in the Sacrament of Initiation, which is followed by a year of further participation as a Neophyte. Will this impact my writing? You bet. While the requirements of my parish are minimal, I have found a desire to learn more about both the Church and the Word. As a result, the time I have for both my musical and text writings has been dramatically reduced. This is temporary and I have already started making time for both of those important pieces of my life. Was I abducted by aliens and did they switch me with someone else? At times it really does almost seem that way. Where I am now is extraordinarily different than where I was even three months ago. It is either mental illness gone rampant or the divine work of God - and I prefer to think it the latter (although I am sure there may be some who will want to argue this point).

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