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Reviewer: Dr. Steven Yates from Auburn, Alabama USA
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This CD is both challenging and rewarding. On "Second Half of the Journey", multi-instrumentalist J.D. Warrick serves up 12 smooth, soothing aural excursions. Many of these tracks evoke images of the great outdoors-perhaps of the expanses of the American Far West. Warrick's music can't be described as ambient, though, as that term is used by, say, Brian Eno, who ought to know. It is too "busy," and too diverse both musically and instrumentally, making use of the full range of instrumentation (acoustic guitar taking the lead on "Sorrow Breaks Season," for example).
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Wind and Wire, "the premiere site for ambient/space/new age/world/and adult contemporary instrumental music", said this about "The Second Half of The Journey":

" excellent first recording..."

"J.D. has a good sense of melody and drama".


Jimmy's Riddle, an online music-zine in the UK, called The Second Half of The Journey: "highly melodic and full of emotion ... ... just lie back with your eyes shut".



You know, I just wanted to let you know that I just got your CD today, and I really enjoyed it very much. I'd also be open to other work you've done, and I appreciate the personal touch of your note along with your music. I find your music very fresh and it seems to fill a place in my heart. That's gotta be good. I intend to take the CD with me on vacation, out in the middle of nowhere! I think that'll be a good place to have it, too! Thanks for caring so much about your work! - M.T., Alabama


"WOW! It's beautiful! And thank you for also enclosing a cassette tape of the album -- just the thing to play in rush-hour traffic!" - G. L., California


"Soothing and entertaining. It is incredible." - J.H., California

"This is beautiful music". -C.C., California


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